Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Walk Away


Anthony Duce said...

Very good. They appear to be floating. a shadow or some back ground would tie them to the ground.

Margie said...

I really like this one!
It's great! x

Pat said...

I think they have really nice bums - especially the two older ones. I also like that they have real bodies, as in: not stick thin. Even stick figures shouldn't be stick-thin!

firebird said...

I love the way you really have a feel for the motion of the body, it makes me appreciate it too! And you have captured it well. Inspiring!

Lorraine said...

that makes a lot of sense f course from you I'm grateful Anthony :)

Thanks Angel :)

Bodies that look like they escaped concentration camps does does nothing for me...and I think they're putting their health in a lot of danger thanks sweet Pat

Hw sweet of you to visit when I've been totally negligent it's really all Anthony's fault, once i saw what he drew I went in la la land, put my fot down repeatedly. MINE I want to learn lol