Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Margie said...

Lorraine, you are a beautiful woman but your true beauty is on the inside and if any fool of man does not see all of you, you are better off without him!

I was blessed with good looks(just a fact and I had nothing to do with those looks, all genetic) but am more happy with the person I am inside as physical beauty can leave us but beauty of the soul does not!

This post made me sad for you!
I don't think it's always as you say!
Many good men out there that do not use a pretty woman!


Margie said...

Oh, I meant to say your sketch is very good and portrays your sadness but I do not like that sad face!

You are so beautiful and I want to see a smile on your beautiful face!
Can you give me a smile, just a little smile will do!

Anthony Duce said...

“Only those blinded by ignorance and selfishness”, needs to be added to the quote.

Lorraine said...

There are many good men, I swear I'm prettier inside, but it's rare someone bothers tolook, I'm a little bitter but I'll g et better

Very true Anthony, seems lately that not many care what's inside, it is better than the outside, I think you might like mine today I'm protesting in my own way....but drawing helps, looking at your blog helps so I thank you for that