Friday, January 6, 2012



Margie said...

They look cozy sitting there together!
But is it in a hospital as there is a Lab.

Didn't you recently have Lab tests?
Is this related?

Anyway, I like it! x

Margie said...
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Anthony Duce said...

I’m interpreting this as waiting for results. I hope all is okay.

Margie said...

You are communicating very well through your art and this lady missed the meaning!
Sorry, just so much going on here today and I'm having a hard time concentrating!
Sick animals cause me such stress!

There was your Title Lab, big as day and I did not notice it!

And I know all will be okay!
I have you in my prayers! x

Margie said...

Oh, forget about what I wrote about them being cozy even though they look cozy!

Chalk my comment up to just having a very bad morning!
Just wanted to make this all clear to you!

Lorraine said...

Exactly Anthony well not waiting for result but going for possibly scary results, I had cancelled the appt that I had for that day at 8h25 then I changed my mind and waited, since I had cancelled I had t wait for the people on time for their apt to go first, the one to the right long hair is me, wearing blue jeans and waiting to see, how much I had been lied too...

Margie I waited to read all your comments before respinding, oh and angel never apologize there is no need, sometimes me see something one minute and another seconds, something totally different, pretty much like life, so dn'g worry ok, and thank you for your prayers 'cause Gosh do i need them!!!

Geraldine said...

A big hug to you and to Margie too. Hope everything works out. It is so stressful to be facing life's big challenges like you both are. Take care, G

Lorraine said...

Life is never easy,but I'm learning, for some reason I wish I was too dumb lol no i don't meant that embrace thepain, it is there tolearn, damn it lol thanksG, Imiss you