Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Man paying Bill at Tim Horton's


Anthony Duce said...

This is very expressive.. Again the variations of lines, knowing the edges is done very well.

Lorraine said...

You're very encouraging Anthony, I guess I have to accept I have to start somewhere, you are my inspiration, one day maybe I'll be half the sketcher you are, thank you, very much!

Margie said...

Oh, I really like this one!

Off to take the little girls to school, be back tonight to visit your other blogs.

Have a good day. x

Anonymous said...

Very good Lorraine. XO

Lorraine said...

Thank you angel

Hey aka travis, you little devil you always had me fooled

BY THE WAY, THESE ARE LITTLE BABY STEPS YOU WANT TO SEE MY INSPIRATION AND THE REAL THING, GO VISIT Anthony DUCE I cannot recommend this enough he is unbelievably talented