Saturday, December 31, 2011

I purchase some sketching people book on e-bay so I should get good anytime soon lol


Margie said...

Oh, you are already good and soon you will be very, very, good!
Love this one!

Anthony Duce said...

A good start. I have some books like this too.

Lorraine said...

you dear angel havent seen Anthony's blog, you should see his art

oh and there he is...I can't wait to get my sketch books and many crayons lol

Margie said...

Lorraine, I never compare, I just like your work!

Off to see a movie now.
It's a beautiful sunny day here and I'm loving it!

Happy, happy New Year! x

Lorraine said...

Oh you're are angel enjoy the movey, and Yest Happy Neqw Year x

and to you too Anthony x, thank you