Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yesterday, what a day

I wanted to cancel everything every stupid thing this stupid world did and charge me taxes for it. Revolution Isaid I'm cancellin everything everything. Oh yeah you wise one, in times of shortages we blame everybody but ourselves....when I'm as much a participant in this crazy world as each of us are. See I believe the Soul never Dies I believe we live over and over again until we smarten up. This lifetime I'm poor and I bet the previous one I was damn rich. I could have changed things then but hey I gave a lot to charity. We just have to stop this infernal constant poor or rich; It's crazy there;s enough money in the world for everyone to be multi-millionaire, but nobody wants to change the system. Next Life I wonder will I still be stupid and want to keep all the Power. God help us all, He did once, he sent His Son, Our Brother to remind us that all we needed was Love, and we crucified him and we're still doing it every life styles...we nothing else no big revolution NO Wise spirit that will lead the World....We just need to Love and everything will fall into place, as it should have 2, 000 years ago.


Wine and Words said...

Oh say it isn't so. This lifetime is PLENTY for me. If you tell me I have to live over again, I will jump off a bridge! Ugh.

Lorraine said...

sometimes it feels like it I've had hell on earth, so frightening that the idea that I could go though it again well, doesn't sit well with me, but I am a better person for it and no longer judge anyone that is one important lesson to learn, in each lifetime we become better humans, I think it's important, but when I'm terribly exhausted I hope I won't have to start all over again, hey maybe we'll be confidante next time around ;) lol

Wine and Words said...

We are confidantes now...anytime you wish. Yes...the harder we fall, the more empathy we have for those also tripped up! I have never been more empathetic as I am now. In another 10 years??? Oh my!

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