Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Erasers are costly


Brian Miller said...

and why erase if you meant it the first time...smiles.

Magyar said...

...and with pastel chalk, bread works well, it rubs clean and nicely blends adjacent colors; it works ok with charcoal too. Sooo, save yoooo bread.
__Let me see, now: 'costly' refers to 'money,' and a slangy mataphor for money is 'bread' but, waahdoo I know? ;<)

Anthony Duce said...

Like the texture and the moody feel of this. Don't erase. bring back what has left.

Lorraine said...

sometimes there's ugliness you have to realize it and erase it, thanks my'dear Brian

Doug I have no idea what I draw i don't have any thoughts r needing an outcome I just control my rage

That's it Anthony but I can't bring back what I don't see